5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Dental Veneers

Teeth not only perform the basic function of chewing but these are also important in giving shape to your face and of course ensuring that your smile is appealing for the beholders. However, not all of us are bestowed with the best teeth and many suffer from the discrepancies like cracks, stains, yellowish tone, blemishes and such other imperfections that distort our smiles. We then develop a habit of avoiding the smile and laughter even when there is an urge of it. Dentistry services have developed in last one decade, many cosmetic options and procedures that offer the fine resurrections. A dental veneer is one such product that is developed as a custom restoration in the form of external covering of the teeth. It completely conceals the imperfections of teeth as stated above. Many people are inquiring about this new concept and they want to know the facts about dental veneers. Experts at a leading dental clinic specializing in veneers in Pune have offered the following facts about them. Have a look –

1. How are dental veneers made?

Dental veneers are made up of fine porcelain & sometimes composite resin is also used! These are developed as laminates in a small thickness and are glued on the surface of the teeth to deliver a perfect shine, white sparkle, and requisite characteristics. Porcelain and resin are such customized that these match the attributes of existing teeth. The main reason to wear them is to cover up the minor discrepancies that are permanently concealed and thus these assure a fine personality and smile to the wearer.

2. How are dental veneers applied?

There is a definite component of customization in the making and application of dental veneers for the person. Unless this customization for the wearer is ensured, veneers cannot be the satisfactory restoration for him. At least two visits to the dental clinic are required for the complete process. At the first visit, the dentist takes the precision dimensions through a mold. This is the first step to develop custom veneers. In this visit, the dentist and seeker do discussion, especially as regards the probable results that would be achieved. At the second visit, the custom developed veneer is applied on the teeth. A dental clinic specializing in veneers in Pune offers perfectly matching applications towards high satisfaction for the seekers.

3. A thin layer of the teeth has to be removed for perfect alignment!

A layer is always removed from the existing teeth where veneers are to be applied. This is to keep the overall width of teeth the same after the veneers are applied.

4. A dental veneer is a fine layer of protection for teeth!

Dental veneers have become demanded because of the fine cosmetic benefits that these offers. However, these also behave as a protective layer for the teeth that are effectively buffered from the adverse impacts of organic acids, cracks, and flaking etc.

5. The aftercare for the teeth with dental veneers

According to a leading dental clinic offering veneers in Pune, there are no specific care instructions for up upkeep of veneers. The wearer can brush and floss regularly but should visit the dentist for the examination.

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