4 Teeth Whitening Tips for a Sparkling Smile

Oral hygiene concepts are taught since childhood and the parents take care to ensure that the child learns the good habits. However, it is ironic that almost all of us do suffer from teeth problems sometimes or many times in our life! The problems could be simple like a toothache or complex like seeking an artificial implant for a fallen tooth! The dentistry profession has been serving towards all these demands through ever increasing sophistication and techniques of high specialization. Apart from the teeth problems of diversity that warrant a dentist’s intervention and help, we now also find the demand for cosmetic services of diversity. Teeth whitening is one such service and it has become popular because it helps enhance the personality of the individual by removing the undesirable yellowish tone on the teeth. Yellowish teeth can result from different reasons that include heredity, smoking and excess liquor use, improper oral hygiene and certain food habits that reinforce the staining of teeth. Experts at a leading dental clinic offering teeth whitening in Pune list the following 4 tips for best results.

1. Using teeth whitening toothpaste

Using a toothpaste that has been specifically developed for whitening should be included in the daily routine. Your dentist knows the best choice for you. After examining the condition of your teeth, especially the level of staining, he may recommend few other products also that are meant for oral hygiene and whitening. Such whitening toothpaste contains more concentration of micro abrasives that gradually remove the yellowish layer from the teeth. It is recommended that at least two times use of whitening toothpaste is done for the best results.

2. Protecting your teeth enamel

Enamel is the protective layer on the teeth and is vital for preventing the damage to the underlying structure. However, this enamel can suffer damage from the improper food habits and particularly the acidic beverages. Enamel is vulnerable to the mild acids that are found in citrus fruits and drinks like colas. Alcohol usage is also considered harmful for the enamel. Leading dentists offering teeth whitening in Pune opine that not all the individuals are equally vulnerable to the acidic foods as far as their teeth enamel is concerned, but some people show less tolerance to such organic acids in foods and drinks. Such people need to be vigilant with their food habits to protect their enamel.

3. Consuming fruits and veggies

Consuming crunchy foods and salads is considered good as teeth whitening habit. This may sound weird but while chewing food, teeth also get cleaned by the food in the mouth. Chewing is also a type of exercise for the jaw, teeth, gums and enhances the blood supply in the mouth. The action of crunchy fruits like apple, pear, carrot etc helps in effective cleaning of teeth.

4. Intake of dairy products

Experts offering teeth whitening in Pune recommend intake of dairy products which are rich in calcium that helps in the teeth health and whitening. Cheese, in particular, is helpful in removing the stains on teeth.

With these tips, your teeth will shine white and add charm to your smile and personality.

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