4 Long-Term Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that treats the irregularities of teeth and jaw. It helps people with crowded or crooked teeth. It helps in straightening the teeth and gives them a better position. It not only gives you the perfect smile and improves your appearance by giving you straight teeth but also helps in effectively chewing, biting and even speaking. If the teeth are not properly positioned and are crooked it becomes difficult to clean them which lead to tooth decay and other diseases. The preferred time for this treatment is childhood but adults can go for it too. Nowadays more and more adults are going for orthodontic treatment in Pune.

There are various reasons to go for orthodontic treatment like swallowing and breathing problems, crowding, crossbite, under bite, deep overbite, missing teeth, overjet, speaking, biting or chewing problems and self-image. Apart from appearance, there are various health benefits of orthodontic treatments too.

1. Benefits of better oral health

It helps in maintaining the overall dental health. Crowded or crooked teeth tend to overlap each other causing spaces between teeth which are difficult to clean and become a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases which lead to tooth decay. Orthodontic treatment keeps the gums and teeth healthy. As straight teeth achieved by orthodontic treatment become easy to reach and can be cleaned properly hence bacteria, cavities and plaques which lead to periodontal diseases can be reduced. Moreover, your orthodontist will keep reminding you of your oral hygiene and that will make you more conscious about it.

2. Helps in Bruxism and TMJ disorders

When teeth are misaligned, they cause stress to the jaw causing dysfunction of the jaw joint also known as Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ disorder and also bruxism which is grinding of teeth. This disorder causes a lot of discomfort like migraines, headaches, muscle pains etc. Improper jaw alignment can damage teeth also. So the orthodontic treatment helps in avoiding these disorders.

3. Lowers risks of injuries

Buck Teeth” are the teeth which are protruding in the front. They are more prone to injury during accidents. If they are not corrected they may lead to injuries in people especially children involved in active sports.

4. Lower health risks

Misaligned teeth lead to problems in chewing which affects the digestive system and can lead to health issues. Another disorder whose risk is lowered by orthodontic treatment is sleep apnea. Properly aligned jaw reduces the chance of the tongue to roll back and block breathing. So, it helps in lowering the risk of sleep apnea and other health problems.

5. Lowers the risk of bone loss

If proper treatment is not given to the teeth they lead to bone loss with time. It not only affects appearance but also makes speaking and chewing difficult.

Apart from the above health benefits orthodontist’s treatment also leads to psychological gain. People are very much affected by their self-image. Hence as orthodontic treatment gives a better appearance they gain a better self-image and boost their confidence levels.

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