3 Excellent Benefits of a Single Tooth Dental Implants

In your lifetime, you are bound to lose at least one of your adult tooth due to various factors. However, we tend to ignore the loss of tooth as a cosmetic issue or a natural occurrence. It is important to understand that not choosing to replace the missing or the extracted tooth could lead to several complications in the long run and adversely affect your oral hygiene.

As technology continues to make forward strides, the dental industry has adapted to the changing trend. Innovative, effective, and efficient dental treatments are widely used to treat a vast range of dental problems.

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The demand for single tooth implants has increased significantly in recent years owing to the several factors. Firstly, a single implant does not require structural support from any other teeth. Further, the new implant functions just like a natural tooth.

Here is why you should get a single dental implant if you are missing a tooth or extracting one in the near future.

1. Implants are strong and highly durable

Although the time required to fix an implant is longer than other methods of tooth replacement, it is worth it. Implants are highly durable and strong compared to other tooth replacement alternatives. Further, implants are easier to maintain and are developed and designed in such a way that they last for a longer period of time.

2. Implants do not harm the neighboring teeth

There are various dental techniques that harm the neighboring teeth so that the replacement tooth is stable. In a single tooth implant, the scenario is completely different as the implant does not depend on the other teeth for structural support.

3. Aesthetics

Investing in a single dental implant is likely to reap enormous benefits in the long run as it functions exactly the same way a normal tooth does. Moreover, the artificial implant looks just like a natural tooth. Hence, getting a single implant is one of the best dental methods to replace a tooth without making an impact on your smile and appearance.

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